Traktor-Tour: Tractor-Tour
Looking for interesting projects - children's art, environmental art and projects

    Tractor-tour is a journey through western Europe on very slow means - by tractor. For one year a socialworker, an artist and their three small children will be looking for interesting ngos and institutions and projects in rural France, Spain, Portugal and northern Italy. Our interest is to look for an impulse for social and cultural work with children, youth and young unemployees. We will collect all adresses and impressions onto our website. If you know any artists or good places to go to, if you would like us to visit you or if you could offer us a nice stay, so that we can "restore" ourselves from the tractor and wagon, we would be very grateful for a short note. All ideas are wellcome. Thanks for your response.

In our actual oranisation children can enjoy and practice technics and arts. Click on www.kinder-kultur-werkstatt.de. (sorry, it's german, but it has a lot of pictures, though)
  Please contact us
or kikuwe@t-online.de